Propeller’s mission is to help early-stage founders find and connect with the right investors for their company.

Mike WilnerMax Nussenbaum

Propeller was created by Mike Wilner (left) and Max Nussenbaum (right). As first-time founders from outside the Silicon Valley ecosystem, they found it hard to identify—let alone get in touch with—investors for their startups.

Sure, it was easy to find the big VC firms and the most famous angel investors. But those investors weren’t necessarily the right fit for their companies at that stage. How could they figure out who all the angel investors in Philly were? Or the pre-seed funds with real estate expertise?

Mike and Max ended up raising over $4mm for their respective companies from a wide range of investors: big names like Khosla Ventures, SV Angel, and Y Combinator, and smaller ones who were no less valuable despite being less well-known.

As they began helping other founders with fundraising, Mike and Max decided to build Propeller to help solve the problem of finding the right investors.