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PropellerDB is a curated, searchable database of early-stage startup investors that gives you access to information you couldn’t collect on your own.

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Surface the info you need for effective outreach.

Maximize your chances of a successful reachout by learning what an investor is looking for and how they invest.

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More than just a database.

We surface data founders can’t find on their own.

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We didn’t just scrape Crunchbase: PropellerDB combines information from public sources, private sources, and personal knowledge.

Investor Taxonomy

Our custom taxonomy sorts investors based on broad themes, specific areas of interest, target demographic, and geographic focus.


An effective fundraising process starts with reaching out to specific individuals, so PropellerDB is focused on people, not firms.

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Built by founders who’ve been there before.

PropellerDB was created by two founders who experienced this problem firsthand—and who raised over $4mm for their respective startups. Read our story →